What percent commission do I earn?

You earn 40% commission. We take care of all the pricing, tagging, staging, selling and marketing 

How do I get paid for my consigned items?

We write checks anytime during business hours. Or you can use your money as a store credit any time!

Why didn’t they take all my items?

Please understand that in order to accept an item in our store, we must be confident that we can sell it (“wearable” and “sellable” are very different). It is our goal and job to make money for you! Based on experience and training in the fashion industry we know what will and will not sell.  We know our clientele pretty well! Please look at our Policies page for more information on what items we do not take. 

Where are items that aren't accepted donated to?

We currently donate to local schools and a local church. We are ALWAYS open to hearing about other awesome organization to donate to! 

How long will credit stay in my account and be available to me?

Consignors must use the credit in their account within one year of their consigned date. If there has been NO activity in your account in a year, your credit will be forfeited and your account will be removed from our data base to ensure room for new consignors.